Monday, April 26, 2010

*Common Ground* -> Progress -> Baseline -> Refine -> Extension

If we ignore the post of the baseline demo video yesterday, the last updated was posted on April 15th. If you recall I mentioned that " it shouldn't take long for us to fix whatever the problem is [with SPI]." Well I was wrong; the reason why we haven't made any updates is because there was nothing to post about. We spent a week debugging SPI because it wasn't correctly transmitting values from the FireFly to the HC12. We tried everything we could think of and even thought about switching to alternatives such as UART, serial, MaEvArM, or even scrapping the HC12 all together. When we finally enlisted the help of Sanket and Mishu, the things they suggested we have all tried, and more. After a whole week, our amazing TA Mishu noticed we had extraneous offset voltages because there was no common ground between the HC12 and FireFly. This immediately fixed our problem of the FireFly sending random junk values in between correct values to the HC12 via SPI, because it turns out we had SPI working right from the beginning. Once this irksome hurdle was overcame, we finally started making noticeable progress.

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